Month: August 2017

The tree branch fell

IMG_0803_b_CCWith a crack like a gun, the tree branch finally crashed to the ground, the bass tone of its impact rattling the windows in the house. The dry leaves followed it down in decisive fashion.

“That’s one for the record books, ain’t it kid?” the older gentleman crowed.

“Yeah, Dad. We got a good one.”

The father called up “Why don’t you come on down now and we’ll go see what your mom has by way of a snack?”

The son climbed higher up into the tree.

“I’m not that hungry. I’m going to try to take out these branches up here.”

The father watched him climb up, every second moving further and further out of reach.

“I heard you were looking at more colleges this week,” said the father. “I thought you already went and visited them all.”

“What?” the boy shouted down.

“I said I thought you had already seen all the colleges,” he yelled back up.

“I only looked at the ones in the state. There’s a couple in Michigan I’m looking at.”

The son was almost completely obscured by the leaves.

“Watch out dad, here it comes!”

Another tree branch impacted the earth as the father looked up, not seeing his son at all.

Once upon a time there was a star.


Once upon a time there was a star. This star lived right next to the moon.

The star looked at the big round moon and felt small. His light wasn’t as bright as the moon, or as big. He felt that compared to the moon, his light was meaningless and useless. He thought, “There’s no point in shining, it doesn’t make any difference with the bright moon in the sky.” So he stopped shining. A dark spot appeared in the sky where he used to be, but it seemed like no one even noticed.

Then, one night, a little girl came to see him.

“Star,” she said “why did you stop shining?”

“Because I’ll never be as bright and big as the moon,” said the star. “So there doesn’t seem to be any point to shine at all”

“But the moon leaves us sometimes,” she said. “He gets smaller and smaller until he fades away, making it too dark. I’m afraid of the dark, and you help keep me from getting scared when the moon is away.”

The star looked across the sky and sure enough, the moon was smaller than the night before and didn’t shine as bright.

“You make me feel safe,” she said.

The star didn’t think anyone noticed that he had stopped shining. He thought about it for a few moments, and then turned on his light.

The little girl clapped her hands with delight.

“Thank you for telling me that you liked my light,” said the star.

“You’re welcome,” said the girl.

It was all lies.

it was all lies

It was all lies. She knew it was even before she spoke it. The truth would ruin her, and the company. But that was the problem, wasn’t it? In sweeping these things under the rug, they come in to contact with other nasty events causing an accumulation that was on the verge of breaking out of its containment. One more scandal and it would blow up, taking her with it. And THEN what would happen to the value of the stock.

The most important thing was to keep the stockholders happy. All things bowed to that one directive. Keep the stock value as high as possible with a cannibalistic balance sheet that resulted in eliminating anything that didn’t show a high return on investment.

She cleared her throat again, and tapped the papers on the podium to give the signal that she was ready to speak. She was hoping that they wouldn’t be too vicious today, not like they had been in the past. Yes, there were serious issues, but there was nothing she could do about it now. They just had to keep moving forward and let the media frenzy pass, as it always did.

“Good morning everyone,” she began. The scrum quieted down and a couple cameras clicked. “I’m here to make a clear statement and I won’t be answering any questions.” She pushed the firmness into her voice, but she knew they would badger her anyway. She just gave herself the excuse to walk rudely away from their questions.

“The allegations against Mr. Stevenson are completely false. Terry Pratchet was employed by this company, but Mr. Stevenson never had sexual relations with her,” Her gaze flickered slightly, as he truth tried to escape. She held onto it firmly. “nor was he involved in any way with her death. This is the only public statement that will be made regarding this issue. Please direct any further questions to our lawyers. Good day.” She pushed away from the podium without looking at anyone. She heard the cameras click and the shouted questions but she refused to turn around. Only when she was safe inside the building did she realize her hands had been shaking the entire time.

When it was time to go, she hesitated.

when it was time to go

When it was time to go, she hesitated. The party was winding down, and the guests had dwindled down to only 4 remaining. All were engaged with the host and hostess, transforming the event from a boisterous ‘shin-dig’ to an intimate affair. It was time to go, but there was lingering desire in the air.

She stood on the exterior of the group and waited for a break in the conversation. After a few moments, it became clear that though they knew she was there, waiting, they didn’t acknowledge her at all. She waited a little longer, hoping that social politeness would kick in and someone would at least let her say goodnight. No one turned. Finally there was a pause and she found her moment.

“Hey Greg, I just wanted to say goodnight…” she trailed off. He turned his shoulders toward her, not breaking his contact from the group.

“Oh, you’re leaving?” he said with patronizing concern. “Well, thanks for coming.” He opened his arms to hug her. She knew it was more patronizing, more of a gesture of making fun of her unreciprocated emotional attachment to him, but she was so desperate for his affection that she took it anyway. A small victory for her endless pining.

She hugged him, very carefully and specifically matching his pressure and duration. She was desperate, but she didn’t want to lay herself too bare and give them reason to ridicule her even more.

Oh, but the elation at this moment of embrace! The feel of his body next to hers, the soft pressure of his arms around her, the smell of clean that cut through everything. His head turned far away, exposing the caramel skin of his shoulder and neck like prey exposed to a vampires kiss. She noted a small freckle on the nape of his neck and had to summon every single once of her strength not to kiss it. How horrible that would be! To have his disdain and disinterest materialized into a moment of clear rejection. It would close the door of possibility completely.

It was a waiting game. Her patience was fueled by the ocean of her desire. He was a boulder a top of thin column of sandstone, as gentle wave after wave, slowly eroded his aloof rejection. Eventually, the moving water always wins. Sometimes the column was made of stronger stuff, sometimes it only took one drink to make it crumble, but she always had the patience to wait. And in the waiting, the gentle lick of her waves against the stone wore away more and more. Until finally, in one glorious moment, the boulder would fall into her. A huge, heavy, thunderous beast, pushing aside all that she was, before becoming completely engulfed by her. Once he fell, he belonged to her always.

So she waited.